At first: History of HimeKaiDou

Himekaidou written by any historical and guide book. but it is difficult for us to understand and it is wrote a part of things about Himekaidou.The book which is written about all over the Himekaidou is not exist.As the result .any people confuse in the Himekaidou.

Fortunately, I had get any book whitch was published by library or Museum.but it is not sell in bookstore.and it is difficult for people buy the this book in the bookstore near the your town. Himekaidou throw the Aichi and Sizuoka.Aichi and Sizoka is side by side , but Not sharing information with each other.I was to start Investigation with only two my friends . friend means Tourist information book and map.

when you walk Himekaidou,you meet may hiking people.I made a guidebook for them and you.I hope it will be helpful.


Himekaidou is the road connecting Shizuoka(Mitsuke) and Aichi(Goyu).Official name is Honzakadouri.HonzakaTouge is rough spot in Himekaidou. Maybe Honzaka etymology is Honosaka(Rich country slope).It prospered from the late Middle Ages to the early modern times. However, when the Tokaido was constructed by the Edo Shogunate, the number of people using Motozaka-dori, which crosses a steep mountain, has decreased.Therefore, Tokaido, a highway, is considered a man, and Wakido Motozaka-dori is considered a woman.From this time Motozaka-dori was called 「Himekaidou」

In the 1st year of Meiji, the new government abolished the various road barriers and the era of old highways was over.

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